Salt kisses the body

Salt has a very special meaning for Bad Rappenau: Since 1822 brine has been mined in Salinen Park, which has deeply influenced the face of our city. On historical paths just beyond our hotel, can you not only discover the brine conveyor system and the salt and brine Museum, but also only meters away, the graduation work, which is always worth a visit. The brine, which is mined in the immediate vicinity, trickles over approximatelz 5500 tufts of Sloe brushwood and enriches the air with salt. Comfortably lying in the sun, right in the middle of the countryside, you can breathe in healthy “sea air”, which not only benefits your respiratory tract.

You may also bathe in the brine of Bad Rappenauer: Directly opposite our hotel – in the brine and sauna paradise RappSoDie and in the attached brine wave pool – not only can you enjoy some soothing salt water, but you can also have a great time and an all-around healthy bathing pleasure.

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