On the track of knights and birds of prey

Experience Castle

One of the most beautiful trails of Bad Rappenau is the Five Mill Valley. Passing through lush, pristine forests with a private, fallow deer preserve, you follow the trail directly to one of the few undestroyed medieval castles of the Staufer period: The castle Guttenburg. High above the Neckar valley, surrounded by vineyards and vast forests, the centuries-old walls invite you on a journey into the past. On a journey through time from the Middle Ages up to the 19th century, all the exciting questions about knights and castles can be answered.

Bird of Prey Center

However, the castle offers even more, namely one of the few birds of prey centers in Germany. It offers unique displays of free flying eagles, vultures and owls, interesting exhibits, sculptures, large format photographs and many special exhibitions in the beautifully designed facilities around the castle.

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